Hoed Research is a Customer Experience Management company specialising in Mystery Shopping and Real-time Customer Feedback.


Hoed Research gather and analyse customer service feedback and provide impartial, real-time information that enables your business to achieve breakthrough levels of service performance and customer satisfaction.

Based in New Zealand, Hoed Research is the parent company For both Hoed Mystery Shopping and Vigil

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Turn your customers into advocates with Hoed Mystery Shopping

When customer service is the core of your business, you need to deliver the highest possible standard, but knowing where your team excel and where they need additional training isn’t always straightforward. With regular mystery shopping, you can ensure your team are representing your business and treating your customers in the way they should.

Hoed Mystery Shopping delivers a simple, prompt solution, gathering and analysing customer service feedback on your behalf. We’ll provide you with the accurate, impartial information you need to manage your team, and ensure they’re performing to the standard you need.

Tailored Solutions
With a professional field force that covers all major demographics and locations throughout New Zealand, Hoed can create a tailored solution to meet the needs of your business. We can also assist with tactical decision-making, by evaluating your current customer service offering and providing you with recommendations on areas that can be refined.

Competitor Comparison
Ensure you’re positioned well against similar businesses with a competitor comparison. We’ll provide objective information on your competitor’s performance and offering, so you know where you stand.

Compliance Audits
Your brand should always be represented appropriately. We can evaluate your brand’s position in store and provide you with feedback and recommendations.

Best Shop Surveys
Hoed undertake large-scale mystery shops for business awards and group competitions.

If you’re looking to reach a new level of customer service, we can guide you in the right direction. 

Find out more about Hoed Mystery Shopping here or contact us to discuss your business needs.


Compliance Audits

The business world is always evolving and, in accordance with the change, mystery shopping has adapted to identify and work upon issues that companies now face. We have shifted from merely valuing ‘service-given’ and into monitoring compliance. There are two forms of Compliance Auditing services we offer through mystery shopping: ‘Asset Auditing’ and ‘Human Interaction Auditing.’

Asset Auditing: What the Audit entails –
The aim of a Compliance Audit for Assets is to make sure Franchisees for example, are operating correctly under their license agreement in terms of delivering on set KPIs. It is extremely important to make sure all Franchisees are operating within the overall business objective.

This variation of mystery shopping can assess a variety of factors, from store presentation and layout, to following in-house rules and other regulations. Due to the nature of the modern business, it is hard for companies to identify compliance flaws within their own organisation. Consumer communication with businesses is of paramount importance in giving feedback on asset auditing.

Our service provides a business with unbiased information regarding specific levels of compliance; from measuring team members’ rate of adhering to the company policies and other types of rules/laws, to accurately assessing the presentation of venues/stores in line with the business plan.

‘Human Interaction’ Auditing: Monitoring action – 
Whilst we are shifting into an era of compliance, the customer-salesperson transaction can still dictate the success of a business. It is the role of the modern business to offer excellent service that conforms with legal rules and regulations.

To do so, the customer-salesperson encounter should operate within perfect accordance with laws and policies; this is another factor that is exceptionally difficult for businesses to self-assess.


We offer mystery shop programs that evaluate key interactions with businesses, allowing for fast identification of issues with compliance on the customer interaction level. By analysing the success rate in which team members carry out lawful compliance, we can provide unbiased evaluations of monitored service.

Health and Safety Compliance Audits –
You may simply wish to review current processes to identify areas of non-compliance, with the aim of making the necessary corrections and improvements.

Online Compliance Shopping –
We can also use our vast database of shoppers to conduct online compliance mystery shops. With a vast amount of shopping happening on virtual platforms, it is paramount that websites are easy for shoppers to navigate, and online processes conform with laws and policies.

Targeting primary areas of customer communication allows us to identify and offer solutions for errors in service compliance before it becomes too large of an issue.

Overt and Covert Auditing –
Along with personal business compliance checks, we can offer reports on compliance checks for ‘competitor’ locations. Our mystery shoppers will unbiasedly assess on-site locations and provide accurate information on the compliance standards of competitors. This service can allow businesses to understand how they relate to their competition.

Who can use this service?
We currently complete audits for Government Agencies, Consumer Groups, Large and Small Businesses, and various overseas clients.

Contact us today to enquire into an audit and compliance survey.



The Voice of the consumer is getting louder.
Are you listening?

Receiving and responding to customer feedback is the fastest, most direct path to customer satisfaction and helps you avoid costly brand damage from negative social media posts. 

Vigil collects and analyses real-time customer feedback and provides impartial information that enables your business to monitor service performance and achieve breakthrough levels of customer satisfaction.

Vigil Immediate 
Vigil will customise a survey that will help you understand your customers, reach your business goals and build a positive customer service culture.

Vigil will create point of sale material inviting your customers to submit feedback. If great or poor feedback is received, Vigil will send an immediate alert to key people in your organisation, allowing them to respond to customer service successes or issues.

Vigil’s user-friendly dashboard makes managing the customer experience quick and easy.

Vigil for Suppliers of Alcohol
Failing to request identification for alcohol purchases can lead to a $10,000 fine, licence suspension or closure.

Vigil keeps your staff vigilant by sending in young shoppers to purchase alcohol and fill out a survey which will immediately alert the owner if identification is not requested.

Vigil Personalised Marketing
Insights and learnings from a closer relationship with your customers is the key to improving your service.

Vigil keeps prospective customers close with personalised customer experience.  We invite them to provide feedback and insights during their path to purchase so you can react appropriately to close the sale. 

Customers can provide feedback easily using their smartphone, tablet or computer, via QR code, txt or URL.

Customers can provide feedback easily using their smartphone, tablet or computer, via QR code, txt or URL.

Real-time online customer feedback allows you to act now. Vigil sends alert messages straight to you via email or txt so you can respond immediately.

Real-time online customer feedback allows you to act now. Vigil sends alert messages straight to you via email or txt so you can respond immediately.


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